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Diversity, Inclusion, and Love

Changing the way that people perceive "different"!


My name is Stephen Torres-Esquer, also known as Mr. Stephen. I am a Special Education Teacher, Public Speaker, Content Creator, and Inclusion Specialist in California. After over a decade in Education, dozens of live shows, and hundreds of inclusive media productions featuring artists and performers of various backgrounds and abilities, I am determined to create change through advocacy, entertainment, and the power of love.

I intentionally and strategically lead with a show business mindset, merging Diversity, Inclusion and Education with Entertainment and Pop Culture. My goal is to challenge the status quo and change the way that people perceive what it means to be "different" through live shows, video projects, music, art, performance, and more. 

While this approach to education and advocacy may be unconventional, my intention is to create access to inclusive ideas for people inside and outisde of the professional, scholarly communities. 


In order to cause change on a larger scale, I believe it is crucial that we appeal to the general public --families, business owners, community members, and people who would otherwise never be exposed.

I am determined to disrupt the systems that have been built around us and creating spaces for people who have been marginalized to finally be seen, heard, and respected in and throughout our communities.


Contact Information:


Tel. 415-562-6401

Stockton, CA 95207

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